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This is my personal wiki - the goal is to preserve various notes, research and observations, without a particular storytelling/prose form.

If you'd like to support my work, take a look at the Wishlist! There are many items I'm trying to get my hands on that would allow me to look into some projects.

Major projects / Documentation


  • BootFriend - custom firmware for WonderSwan Color-compatible handhelds
  • ExtFriend - WonderSwan-compatible serial port/audio capture device based on the RP2040 chip
  • Wonderful - C/ASM homebrew development kit for WonderSwan-compatible handhelds


  • ClassicZoo - modern source port/fork of ZZT and Super ZZT; comes with built-in help
  • Zeta - tiny ZZT.EXE emulator/wrapper for Windows, Linux and web browsers

Other resources I maintain

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