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WonderSwan development/non-retail hardware index

This is not a list about the WonderWitch - rather, it's meant to list hardware which may have been used in the WonderSwan's development workflow which was not available to a regular end user.

Note that any photos or videos provided here, unless otherwise specified, are not licensed under the same Creative Commons terms as the wiki. Please ask their author for permission.

Development Hardware

DP-1000T (DP1010C?)

(Source: SONIC3D)

This also looks like a DP-1000T (or similar device):

(Source: Nexon Computer Museum)


(Source: Preserved by Normmatt)

Prototype Hardware

WonderSwan March 1998 Prototype ("SWAN", SW-138)

(Source: SONIC3D)

WonderSwan Color Early/Pre-Production Unit

(Source: jamezfat

Development/Prototype Cartridges

Non-Retail Game Builds

GunPey Sample 98/12/29

(Source: spmrp)

GunPey Sample 99/1/15

(Source: No-Intro)

Kosodate Quiz - Dokodemo My Angel (Master Ver.) Sample

(Source: No-Intro)

Rhyme Rider Kerorican

(Source: spmrp - lower-left corner)

Terrors 2 Sample

(Source: No-Intro)

Rockman EXE Sample

(Source: No-Intro)

PTE-0017? (Dokodemo Hamster)

(Source: trap15)

SD Gundam Sample

(Source: No-Intro)

PTE-0017? (Nice On)

(Source: turfmasta)

Ring: Infinity Sample

(Source: GeeBee)

Densha De Go Sample

(Source: No-Intro)

Flash Koibito-kun Koubunsha Juchuu-you ROM

(Source: No-Intro)

One Piece "Grand Battle! Swan Colosseum" Sample Edition

(Source: zan2zanjp)

Rainbow Islands: Putty's Party (March 1st, 2000)

(Source: Yahoo! Auctions)

Digimon Medley development cartridge

Printed checksum does not match final ROM.

(Source: Yahoo! Auctions)

Assorted cartridges

(Source: Preserved by Normmatt)

PTE-0017 ("SW-SMP029BA", unknown contents)

(Source: SONIC3D)

PTS-0102 ("Swan Reciver v1.0(916)r")

Contains a 2003 mapper, 2x16Mbit Flash and 4Mbit SRAM.

(Source: Yahoo! Auctions)

Sound Design Tool v1.093C

(Source: trap15)

TV Swan

The “TV Swan” refers to a set of devices made available by Bandai to display WonderSwan output on a TV.


These general traits seem to be true:

  • TV Swan units support horizontal/vertical screen orientation; this is detected by observing the state of the vertical screen orientation icon to the right-hand side of the LCD.
  • TV Swan units shift the screen when undocumented WSC vertical timing registers are changed, much in the same way as third-party IPS panels (see: Fire Lancer).

Yahoo! Auctions pricing

Date Price Notes
2022.04.23 180,000 円
2020.12.11 283,000 円
2020.04.28 250,000 円
2018.08.28 250,000 円
2016.08.25 73,000 円
2016.02.14 70,321 円
2015.04.20 246,000 円
2013.12.06 7,860 円

(Source: TEMJISO)


  • (Unconfirmed) Supports “mono” WonderSwan software only.
  • Only contains a composite output.

(Source: Qute Corporation)


  • Supports “mono” WonderSwan software only.
  • Adds an S-Video output. Does not support simultaneous composite and S-Video output.
  • According to, it was sold to vendors at a price of around 140,000 円 in the year 2000.


(Source: TEMJISO)

"Revision 5.0"

  • Uses a WonderSwan Color “dummy” unit.
  • Supports “mono” and “color” WonderSwan software.

(Source: byemu)

"Revision 6.0"

  • Uses a WonderSwan Color “dummy” unit.
  • Supports “mono” and “color” WonderSwan software.
  • The most common model on auctions.

(Sources: TEMJISO, among others)

(Source: Ciglio)

(Source: NidoneNbox1777)

(Source: TEMJISO)

(Source: ts76573)

(Source: Yahoo! Auctions - 2015)


  • Uses a working SwanCrystal unit.
  • Supports “mono” and “color” WonderSwan software.

(Source: zan2zanjp)

Unknown revisions

SwanCrystal border variant

  • Used on a promotional “Judgement Silversword” CD.

(Source: TEMJISO)

Bandai border variant (海賊王におれはなるTV)

  • Used in a May 2022 “One Piece” television special.
  • Likely to be a loan unit from Bandai.

(Source: TEMJISO)


WonderSwan Card Reader/USB Connector (Unreleased)

(Source: PC Watch, 2000.08.30. English translation available at Video Game Kraken)

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