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WS Flash Masta (WS/WSC) programming

The flashcart uses (rev4) or emulates (rev5+) a 2003 mapper. Most of its functionality (banking, flash access via SRAM) is provided.

  • JS28F00AM29EWHA (1Gbit NOR flash, accessible as 16 64Mbit slots)
  • 4Mbit SRAM

AVR wake/sleep

AVR wake/sleep is controlled using 2003 GPIO bit 3.

To wake up the AVR:

  • port 0xCD = 0x08
  • port 0xCC = 0x08
  • port 0xCD = 0x00

One should wait around 12 ms (maybe less?) after sending this signal to ensure the AVR is awake.

To put the AVR to sleep:

  • port 0xCD = 0x08
  • port 0xCC = 0x00

RTC extensions

The flashcart uses invalid RTC date/time values to provide custom commands. For this to work, the AVR must be awake (see above).

Set slot

Format: RTC command 0x14 with parameters [0xA1, slot, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0].

Description: Configure the visible slot, from 0 to 15.

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