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Go filesize optimization tricks

Let's assume that you want to use TinyGo, but can't - in my case, it was high GC pauses due to it using a simple mark/sweep GC designed for 64KB heaps, not multi-megabyte ones… What tricks can you employ to make your Go file smaller?

Developed as part of WebAssembly ZZT port research - OpenZoo/openzoo-go.



  • Add -trimpath -ldflags=“-s -w” at the end of the go build comamnd to remove/reduce debugging information.
  • Replace go build with garble -tiny build to remove debugging information/stack traces even further. (Install instructions for garble [here](
  • For WebAssembly, use wasm-opt -Oz -o out/openzoo-go-optimized.wasm out/openzoo-go.wasm to run a separate optimization pass on the WASM binary.
  • Use -gcflags=all=“-B” to disable bounds checking.
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