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If you'd like to sell, trade or donate any of these items to me, please contact me at any one of these!

Note that I am open to paying for most of these items, absolutely! I do earn enough money to make the occasional purchase; I know how much these things can fetch on the open market. However, the collector market is exhausting, and I'm often not looking for items in a particularly collectible condition - as I will be extensively using them, “mostly working” is sufficient.

Last updated: 25/05/2024

For retro development

These are meant to support my retro development/research efforts.

Name Description
Aquaplus P/ECE (PME-001) I'd like to work on a P/ECE toolchain eventually; in addition, I'll admit I simply want to own one.
ElCheapo SD GB/GBC flash cart I'd like to document its hardware registers, and possibly develop a library to take advantage of them for the few who still own one.
EZ-Flash Junior flash cart I'd like to finish the reverse-engineering effort on it started by Daid. I have a few good guesses, but need the hardware to verify them.
MobileWonderGate The existing reverse-engineering work on this WonderSwan modem is incomplete. In-depth analysis is necessary to get further.
Neo Geo Pocket As always, another platform worth giving a toolchain, maybe.
Nintendo DSi/DSi XL This is for BlocksDS; some aspects of DSi-mode homebrew operation (Unlaunch, touchscreen/sound controller quirks) can only be properly tested on a DSi. While I own a DS and 3DS, I do not currently own a DSi.
NEC PC Engine
NEC PC-FXGA card I'd like to work on a PC-FX toolchain eventually, and having real hardware to test with would be great - the hardware is not well documented. I'm looking for the PC-98 variant; the DOS/V version also works, but it's so collectible that I'm not getting my hopes up.
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Pocket Challenge V2 cartridges Some of them use the KARNAK mapper, which has a currently undocumented ADPCM decoder on-board. Figuring out how it works is necessary for fully emulating them.
Pocket Challenge V2, WonderSwan, WonderSwan Color I do own a SwanCrystal, but I'd like to acquire the remaining models to be able to test for hardware differences. In addition, a WonderSwan Color with a damaged display could be used to build a display/sound capture kit for homebrew demonstrations and hardware demoscene recordings.
Sega Mega Drive
Super Famicom flashcart I'd like to work on an SFC/SNES toolchain eventually.
Television and/or HDMI upscaler I don't really have a way to connect retro home consoles in my room, and finding a good, small enough CRT that won't take up half my desk space is tricky.
ZX Spectrum divIDE (or similar) I have a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K+, but I need a way to run software on it.

For fun

I might use these for development/projects, but here the primary motivation is simply “I want one!”. Admittedly, this is the more selfish of the two sections ^^;.

Name Description
HP 100/200LX
MegaZeux, physical copy
PC-9801/9821 laptop
Toshiba Libretto 50/70
WonderWitch, boxed
ZZT, physical copy Full disclosure - these barely ever surface online, while the last one on eBay went for $300.
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